safety Exam

Table of Contents
  1. Where is/are the eyewash(es)?
  2. Where is the fire extinguisher?
  3. Identify two exists from the laboratory.
  4. When is protective eye wear to be worn?
  5. Where is the First Aid Kit?
  6. In the event of a chemical spill, describe what procedures must be conducted.
  7. Identify the location of the biohazard waste.

    What materials need to be disposed of in these waste containers?

  8. What procedures should be followed in the event of loss of containment of a volatile chemical?
  9. How is broken glassware disposed?
  10. Where is the emergency contact information sheet?

True/False Questions:

  1. Every compound used in your experiment must have an MSDS data sheet on file.
  2. It is necessary to complete the University of Houston Biosafety Training course before using the BMERCL facility.
  3. Wearing a lab coat is optional.
  4. I am allowed to bring a friend who has not been approved to be in the BMERCL to help me with experiments, if I take responsibility.
  5. Only healthy foods may be eaten within the BMERCL lab.
  6. Extension cords may not be strung along the floor.
  7. If you suffer a small cut, you do not need to bother the lab manager and just apply a bandage.
  8. Experimental protocols need to be filled for all experiments that will be conducted in the BMERCL facility.
  9. Hazardous Experiments may be left unattended, if you will be returning real fast.
  10. Anyone may at any time use the tissue culture facility.