The BioMedical Engineering Core Research Laboratory is open to all users who request and are granted access, abide by the BMERCL Procedures and Safety Rules, and pay the appropriate User Fees.

Anyone wishing to use the BMERCL Facility must send a request to the BMERCL Lab Manager at bmercl@uh.edu with the following information:

The following links provide a more detailed explanation of the BMERCL Rules and Procedures:
  Link Download
BMERCL Procedures link pdf
Description of User Categories link pdf
  BMERCL Safety Rules link pdf
  Material Safety Data Sheets link  
  Safety Exam
Every potential user must take the Safety exam before he/she is allowed into the BMERCL
link pdf
Experimental protocol
Every user must submit a new experimental protocol before scheduling instrument time for new experiments
link pdf
BMERCL Instrument Agreement Form   pdf
Signature Acknowledegement   pdf