Access to the BioMedical Engineering Core Research Laboratory (BMERCL) and its equipment requires prior approval and payment of User Fees specific for each Instrument. Select the links below to learn more about the equipment available in each category and the associated User Fees.

General Laboratory Equipment

The BMERCL is equipped with Laboratory Benches, Sinks, Safety shower and eye-wash station, Chemical Fume Hood, Water RO and Purification System, Autoclave, Storage space at 4˚C, -20˚C, -85˚C, and Liquid Nitrogen dewer, Table-Top Refrigerated Centrifuge, and SuperSpeed Centrifuge.

Cell Culture Facility

The BMERCL has a BSL 2 facility to conduct cell and tissue engineering research.


The BMERCL has a separate microscope room equipped with two Olympus Fluorescence Microscopes: an inverted and an upright microscope.


The BMERCL is set-up to produce both paraffin embedded and frozen tissue sections. It also houses an automated slide stainer.


The BMERCL houses a Multimode Plate Reader, two Nanodrop instruments (a UV/Vis and a Fluorescence spectrophotometer), an HP/Agilent diode-array UV/Vis spectrophotometer, and a NanoLog spectrofluorometer.


The BMERCL is equipped with a Quantitative Real Time Thermocycler and a Microarray Scanner.


The BMERCL houses a Gel Documentation System.