spectroscopy - NanoLog Spectrofluorometer

The Horiba NanoLog is a modular, high performance, research grade spectrofluorometer, equipped with multiple detectors and source lamps for both steady state and fluorescent lifetime applications. With UV through NIR capability, the Nanolog is configured for photoluminescence studies of nanoparticles, quantum dots, single call carbon nanotubes and other nanomaterials as well as common fluorescence measurements on liquid or solid samples. (Cuvettes and LN2 to cool detector to be provided by User).

NanoLog Detectors:
  • Symphony CCD Array - For fast (millisecond) acquisition of steady state emission spectra. Wavelength Range-240nm-1000nm
  • Symphony InGaAs 1700 Array - For fast (millisecond) acquisition of NIR emission spectra. Wavelength Range- 800nm-1700nm
  • UV/VIS R928 PMT (FL-1073) - Single channel detector for steady state or TCSPC lifetimes. Wavelength range 190nm-860nm. Lifetime resolution-200 picoseconds-1 millisecond
  • InGaAs NIR PMT (Hamamatsu H10330A-45) - Single channel detector for steady state or TCSPC lifetimes. Wavelength range-950nm-1400nm. Lifetime resolution-200 picoseconds-1 millisecond
  • NanoLog Source Lamps:
  • 450 Watt continuous xenon lamp - For steady state excitation from 240nm-1000nm
  • NanoLEDs (265nm and 560nm) - Pulsed LED sources for TCSPC lifetime applications
  • Laser Input Optics - For use with user supplied external laser
  • Application Notes:
  • Nanophotonics with the Nanolog

  • NIR Photoluminescence of quantum dots

  • Fluorescence Spectra from Carbon Nanotubes


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    User Fees

    Charges will be assessed based on the greater of scheduled time or actual use time.

    User Category
    Affliated User $10.00/hr
    UH non-affiliated User $15.00/hr
    External Academic or non-profit $22.50/hr
    Other $40.00/hr