histology - Automated Slide Stainer

Microm Programmable Slide Stainer DS50 with Microm Carbon Filter System: Total capacity up to 50 slides, 16 reagent troughs, 1 rinsing station, 20 programs with up to 50 steps each. Linear system with operator choice of reagent location. Easy operation, logical menu programming or editing of parameters. The closed fume hood and an advanced exhaust fume cleaning system via large activated charcoal filter prevent exposure to hazardous fumes. Easy loading and unloading of specimens from the front without opening the entire hood.




User Fees:

Charges will be assessed based on the greater of scheduled time or actual use time.

User Category
Affliated User $10.00/hr
UH non-affiliated User $15.00/hr
External Academic or non-profit $22.50/hr
Other $40.00/hr