genomics - Quantitative Real Time Thermocycler

The Agilent/Stratagene Mx3005P is a 96 well thermocycler capable of a variety of assays including real-time detection with Sybr-Green dye or Taqman, molecular Beacon and Scorpion probes. It is also able of isothermal reactions, which give fluorescent products (i.e. protease assays), and detection of fluorescent dyes. It is capable of detecting 5 colors per tube allowing it to be used for multiplex assays, where appropriate.

The BMERCL Mx3005P is equipped with the following filters: ALEXA 350, FAM/SYBRGreen, HEX, ROX, and CY5.

***Important: The MX3005P is designed to use Agilent/Stratagene 8-tube strips and/or 96-well plates with optical flat cap strips. Users are responsible for purchasing the correct product to run their experiments.


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User Fees:

Charges will be assessed based on the greater of scheduled time or actual use time.

User Category
Affliated User $15.00/run
UH non-affiliated User $22.50/run
External Academic or non-profit $33.75/run
Other $60.00/run